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Welcome to my Official Website! Thanks for stopping by. I am very excited to launch this site, it was a huge undertaking that has definitely been a long time coming. Be sure to check back often as I plan to post all of my latest pictures, videos and stats from my life on the road as a professional disc golfer. I will be updating this website throughout the season to keep you posted on all the greatest news from the disc golf tour. I will also be posting blogs periodically telling of the amazing tournaments that I play and dispatches from my travels around the world.

I may be contacted either through comments left on my posts or by emailing me directly at AveryJenkins@AveryJenkins7495.com. I will do my best to answer all questions and comments.

Blog Post Coming 2/17/09: 2008 Year in Review.

Come back soon and expect even greater things from me this 2009 season!

39 Comments on "Welcome to AveryJenkins7495.com"

  1. Please leave questions and comments and I will do my best to answer them.

    -Avery Jenkins #7495-

  2. Tracy says:

    It looks awesome! All the hard work has paid off!

  3. Brian says:

    Glad to see you utilized Kevin Smith’s talents for a top-notch WordPress based website. He did a great job and I look forward to seeing your thoughts, opinions and notes from the road in the years to come. Have a great 2009 Avery…

  4. Avery,
    Very cool website. Keep up the good work!
    Fly on,

  5. Jon Taylor says:

    Good job Avery. Wish you the best and good luck with the site. Your a great guy and a real asset to disc golf. Keep up the good work and may the birdies fly bruddah. Aloha.

  6. Barry Arnson says:

    Excellent website Avery. I look forward to what you are going to post throughout the season. I also like your stats page. I might have to steal that idea for myself.

  7. Damon says:

    Avery – Congratulations on the launch of your site. It’s got a great look and feel, and I enjoyed browsing it. One question – Do you have an Ace Count? I could not find it on the site.

    Keep Up the Good Work!

    – Damon from DiscNation.com

  8. Wow Avery,
    This is really good for disc golf!!
    Very cool website but your upper text is behind the ads(huklab etc.)?
    Can’t read it all….

    But I love the lay out.
    If you need photo’s or vids from yourself, just let me know…I still have some.


  9. Nice site Avery…good luck on tour this year!

  10. JohnnyB says:

    Looks great Avery!

  11. Jack Davis says:

    Avery the site looks wonderful! Full of great information and easy to navigate. Looking forward to reading more on here as you promote this great sport. Shoot well in this new season sir best of luck to you and your sister!

  12. Sam Ferrans says:

    Way to represent Avery!

    Have a Fast and Furious 09.


  13. Val Jenkins says:

    Good Job Ave! Better Keep it up! ValarieJenkins.com is soon to Dominate the web!! :oP

  14. Benjamin Botte says:

    You’re a baller son! Play well!

  15. Josh - Widye says:

    Sweet site Ave!!!


  16. pete cashen says:

    Very cool

  17. Andrew Rich says:

    Nice Job Avery, this is going to be a very good tool in marketing your tour this year. Congrats

  18. Kelly Welch says:

    Hey Avery- Very nice site. Congrats! I know you’ll have a successful 2009!

  19. Jack Lowe says:

    This is pretty cool Avery! Cant wait to see what you do here this summer!!

  20. Nature Love says:

    The site looks great….just a quick question:
    With the “season” about to begin, have you incorperated a boss into your bag or are you throwing a teerex or destroyer or xcal still?
    just curious…thanks The GOAT

  21. this is a tremendous idea (and execution) Avery! I’m so glad to be back as PDGA Marketing Dir, so all of us can work together to grow our sport. Congrats!

  22. originalcracker says:

    Great site! Good luck to your season, and I hope to see/meet you and Dave out here in Colorado for the State Championships. The two courses we’re gonna be playing are WICKED, IDEAL COLORADO DISC GOLF!!!!
    Adios 4 now,
    Jeff S

  23. Thanks for all the kind words and support from everyone that has posted thus far.

    I have gotten a great initial response from the release of the website, 750+ views from 15 countries in the first day alone. Cant wait to see the number of visitors after the weekend.

    I will do my best to answer all questions and comments that are left. Please stay tuned for more Blogs and Posts to follow shortly.

    Thanks again for stopping by to view my site.

    -Avery Jenkins #7495-

  24. HOLY $@#%…
    I think flat screen just caught fire!
    Site looks good, been waiting for this for a while.
    Keep bangin tha chains man.


  25. Kalle Rinne says:

    This site looks AWESOME! Nice job Avery. I’m sure I’ll check this site many times, especially after some big competitions. Wish you luck with this.


  26. Jonny Roc says:

    Thanks for all the support here locally. Its nice to see you back in Eugene. The UofO Doubles tourney was a Blast, and nice to have you positioned on Hole 1. Hope to play some rounds with ya. Thanks for keeping it real.
    John S.

  27. Hey Avery Congrats on a another solid year.
    Its good to see players marketing themselves like this and being so accessible to the public.

    Anything we (us here in St Louis) can do to get you to come to Ozark Mountain on March 28-29 or our A tier in early May??
    Ask Dave F about Ozark,,, its rather demanding and at times Big power is required.
    here in St Louis,,,I know you will really like Sioux Passage ( par 63) and Creve Coeur (par 68) as they will allow you to use that Gorilla power :). Neither Endicott or JB have very many ” easy deuce holes”,,,, its really right up your alley.

    Jeremy at Dynamic discs is running an event at Centralia the first week in June,,, this course will host a MAJOR one day soon,,,its like a ball golf course in a park setting and with a par 72 and course record being 69,,,,iIm pretty sure “it’s your type of course”

    If you need a place to stay, my house is always open.
    Anyway,,, great site and good luck,,,,,,hope you can make it to an event here this year or in the near future.

  28. Bill Yandell says:

    What’s up jenks!
    Very cool website! You’re a great inspiration for this sport! Keep ‘killin it’!! Later.
    Bill Y.

  29. Goat,

    I will still be throwing Star Xcals and Pro Destroyers for the time being, but I will do my best to fit the Boss into the bag eventually.


    -Avery Jenkins #7495-

  30. Dave,

    Thanks for checking out the site.

    I will check into some of the early season Tournaments but still unsure of ones that I will definitely register for as of right now. I played Ozark Mountain years back, you took us out there if you still remember, I was dropping bombs on that place.

    Thanks so much for the invite and keep me posted on that event as the time nears closer.

    Thanks again for all of the support.

    -Avery Jenkins #7495-

  31. The Goat says:

    thanks for the response…i personally never got into the xcals, but im no avery jenkins. I recently changed my driving grip to one i saw feldberg use, i have been throughly impressed with the results. Mainly bosses, destroyers, and the reliable wraith…thanks for taking the time to answer my q….hope to meet up with you on a course one day..peace and nature love…the goat

  32. champ says:

    WTG Avery can’t wait to see the first family documentry. Nice site too. Good luck in ’09. KC 4297

  33. Thanks Champ!!!

    It was bound to happen. Just following in the footsteps of the Great Ken Climo himself.

    This is going to be an amazing 2009 Disc Golf Season. Looking forward to the start of the National Tour in Phoenix in a couple of weeks and throwing some discs in Sunny Arizona.

    See you down there brother.

    -Avery Jenkins #7495-

  34. originalcracker says:

    Congrats on your 2nd place finish at The Memorial. You worked your way right up there. Looked like you were in the mix the whole time, but you definitely had your work cut out for you. Again, Congrats!!

  35. Kenny Reynolds says:

    You still looking for fill in tournaments ? The Ohio River Open in southeastern Ohio would be good one it would be on your way to Carolina , on a great course and your folks make it down for this one we would love to have TEAM JENKINS

  36. Isaac says:

    Hey Avery,
    I have some pretty decent photo’s of you when you came down to Texas in October last year for the 3rd Coast A-teir in in COrpus Christi. If your intreasted, let me know and I’ll forword them to you.


    From down south

  37. Mike says:

    Nice website! I’d love to see some high speed videos of drives and putts similar to what Paul McBeth has on his site. Don’t forget to include the forehand!

  38. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

  39. Dave says:

    Your probally know this already. I got droid disc golf on my phone and when i opened it to play, who is on the main page yep You