2008 DG Statistics

2008 Vibram Open Champion

2008 Season

28 Sanctioned PDGA Tournaments Played

9 Wins – Vibram Open at Maple Hill – National Tour, Greater Tulsa Open – National Tour, Disc ‘n Dat Bluegrass Open – Supertour, First Class Challenge – Supertour, Budweiser Select Corpus Christi Open – Supertour, Oklahoma Open – Supertour, Veterans Park Open – Supertour, Lava Launch – B Tier, Tupelo Bay Open – B Tier

Winning Percentage: 32%

20 – Top 5 Finishes 71%
25 – Top 10 Finishes 89%
28 – Top 20 Finishes 100%

2008 Disc Golf Tour Miles Traveled: 80,000+ Miles

1st Vibram Open at Maple Hill (NT)
1st Greater Tulsa Open (NT)
1st First Class Challenge (A)
1st Disc ‘n Dat Bluegrass Open (A)
1st Budweiser Select Corpus Christi Open (A)
1st Oklahoma Open (A)
1st Veterans Park Open (A)
1st Lava Launch (B)
1st Tupelo Bay Open (B)
2nd United States Disc Golf Championships (M)
2nd Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup (NT)
2nd Full Throttle Challenge at Solitude Mountain Resort (A)
2nd Green Mountain Open (A)
2nd Discontinuum Illinois Open (A)
2nd Aloha Sushi Classic (B)
3rd Japan Open (M)
3rd Eric C. Yetter Champions Cup (A)
4th Scandinavian Open (M)
5th The Players Cup (M)
5th Stockholm Open (A)
6th Golden State Classic (NT)
6th Moccasin Lake Open (A)
7th Gentleman’s Club Challenge (A)
7th DGTV Fall Open at Telemark Resort (A)
9th Bowling Green Open (NT)
12th The Memorial (NT)
15th PDGA World Championships (M)
18th Minnesota Majestic (NT)


1st Place in 2008 PDGA Points Series

2nd Place in 2008 PDGA Cash List

3rd Place in National Tour Points Series

Longest Recorded Throw: 695 ft (212 M) – 2008 Big D in the Desert

World Disc Games: Disc Golf – Gold Medal, Distance (212 M) – Gold Medal

3rd Place – USDGC Doubles (w/ Feldberg)

4th Place – World’s Mixed Doubles (w/ Valarie)

Course Records: (6)

Bluegrass Open – Idlewild – 58 (1067)
Greater Tulsa Open – Red/Black Hawk – 76 (1045)
Vibram Open – Maple Hill – 51 (1085)
Lava Launch – Mt. Bachelor (Nordic 18) – 47 (1044)
United States Disc Golf Championships – Winthrop Gold – 55 (1085)
Tupelo Bay Open – Executive Course – 54 (1056)

Season Overview:

2008 Earnings: $32,345
Player Rating: 1030 (10th)
Points Ranking: 1st – 20,573 pts
Cash Ranking: 2nd – $32,345
World Ranking: 4th
Winning Percentage – 32%
Cashing Percentage – 100%