Birdie Bag


Birdie Bag

This soft cloth hand conditioning bag contains a super absorbent blend of thirsty kiln dried wood powder. It can help return hands and equipment to a natural grip by removing excess moisture, sweat, oils, etc. from your hands. Not sticky and not too slick! Won’t cake and leave residue like chalk and rosin. Twelve-Time World Disc Golf Champion – Ken Climo and many Top Pros agree. Pat the bag on hands or equipment and wipe off the excess for a natural “No Slip Grip”!

“The Birdie Bag is my Go-To Accessory. When it’s so hot and humid that I can’t seem to get a handle on the disc, it’s the dryness of the Birdie Bag that gets my grip back to normal so that I execute shots on the disc golf course. It also works amazing in the downpour rain. When I am unable to find anything dry, including my towels, it allows me to maintain my grip and helps to retain my overall control of my Discs! Give it a Shot, it might help yours!”

Avery Jenkins
2009 Disc Golf World Champion

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