KC 12X Aviar – “The Greatest Disc of all time, great for any shot, any time and in any condition. I throw these for most approaches and upshots to the basket, its also been my main putter for the past 10 years. The Aviar has been used by more World Champions than any other putter in the game.”

Max Weight: 174-175 grams

For more information on this Disc or other Putters available go to: InnovaDiscs.com

2 Comments on "Putter"

  1. Flick McWraith™ says:

    I like this disc, I do. However it just don’t seem to fly as straight as my 91 Chain Aviars, This is why I asked you if you could convince INNOVA to re-release the San Marino Chain Aviar, in the same plastic. WITH YOUR NAME ON IT….LOL … No offense to KC,but I just like the old school cause I can bomb em strait for ever

    • Avery Jenkins says:


      The thing that I love most about the KC Pro Aviars is their consistent flight and predictable finish to the basket. They are great for Short Drives off the Tee and for pin-point accuracy on Approaches down the Fairway. These even fly better the more and more that you throw them to break them in.