The Dodgebee Championships – Nagoya, Japan

Another trip back to Japan, this time we were invited to display distance and accuracy at the Dodgebee Championships hosted at a domed baseball stadium two hours outside of Tokyo in Nagoya, Japan. It is some what of a huge frisbee festival presenting some of the best freestyle, ultimate teams, dodgebee, mini and golf disiplines in part of giving disc sports some great exposure to the public. David Feldberg, my sister Valarie Jenkins and myself are part of a very talented demo team consisting of Gregg Hosfeld, Pat Marron, Paul Kenny and “Crazy” John Brooks.

We have been given the opportunity to present our disc golf skills as we will be throwing distance shots and accuracy along with some MTA (maximum time aloft). There will be approximately 7,000 to 10,000 spectators in attendance to watch us put on an amazing show as there will be lots of local media coverage. We will be leaving Thursday 7/26 and will be there for the next five days before returning back to Northern Wisconsin for the Pro Worlds next Monday just in time for competition on following Wednesday morning. We are trying to become the great disc golf world travelers as the summer tour continues…………………Stay tuned for latest updates from Japan.


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