UO Final Exams

As I close out another term here at the University of Oregon, finals week is in full swing. Yet another week where I am hard at work, hitting the books and studying fro multiple exams. So I ended up taking 20 credit hours this Winter term, the most I have ever taken as a college student. For those that have taken that many you know exactly where I am coming from. Staying up all night studying, at home, at the library and the various coffee shops around campus.

I decided that it was my best chance to take that many credits and not miss out on too many tournaments in the early spring schedule. I managed to make one tournament up to this point, that one being the Memorial, which no matter what I would never miss that one. So the weather up here in the Northwest during the winter months is quite rainy and overcast, less reason to go outside and an even better reason to stay inside and study.

One more term to go, I finally graduate in June with a degree in Human Physiology (Sports Medicine) and a minor in Business Administration. It was one the best life choices that I have made thusfar, the chioce to return to school after taking 3 years off. It is so true, that it continues to get harder to return after being out of the routine for a few years. I think that I did the right thing by traveling and seeing the country when I had the chance to, at a time in my life that I had even less responsibilities. But I always knew that I would have to eventually go back to finish what I had started at the University of Akron and return to complete my major.

Sure, I left the life of a full-time touring professional disc golfer, but I left for a great reason. I want to have a back up plan for life after Disc Golf, is that possible, a life not consisting of disc golf. I am not saying that I would ever stop playing this wonderful game, it’s just good to have options. So for those who contamplate returning to school, it’s best thing that you can do.

The sport continues to grow, year after year, and only seems to get bigger. I think that I am in a great position to do something great with sport and make it as popular as every disc golfer wants it to be. I want to take this sport to the next level and make it something that everyone has heard about. One more term of school and then I return to life of the touring professional disc golfer.

The Disc Golf Revolution begins………………………………….


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