Interview with Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins – (Part 2)


This Part 2 of my interview with Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins – Interview by Steve Pease

When your dad taught you to play, what did he tell you to focus on and learn first?

I learned a lot about the game from my father, he first taught me a lot about sportsmanship and integrity that this sport requires to be played in its truest form. He also taught me the proper technique through hours of playing catch in the backyard with the Frisbee and countless rounds of Golf at our Local Course – Roscoe Ewing Park in Medina, OH.

He told me to focus on the result of my actions and to envision making the shot or putt even before releasing the disc. It has proved successful when I could already picture the disc going into the basket moments before actually making that putt, when you can envision it happening, it will happen. You have to be confident in your skills and abilities, with that trust you can accomplish great things.

Do your parents still play tournaments?

My Parents, Leroy and Sharon are still very active in the Disc Golf scene and have been playing tournaments all over the country for the past few decades. They having been playing since the Mid-80’s and still play as much as possible when not taking care of our Home Course, Roscoe Ewing Park in Medina, Ohio. They are both now retired and travel the country on permanent vacation, playing lots of Disc Golf courses, camping at National Parks, Taking Bike Rides and visiting amazing Micro-Breweries.

Also note that we are the only family that I know of, that travel all over the country and at this point only play Disc Golf for a Living. No other family in the entire World can say that they do what we do, to that extent. We take great pride and feel very honored to share in something so special with the entire Team Jenkins.

Everyone wants to throw bombs like you do. What are your top tips for throwing longer?

I attribute my success and ability of throwing far to my body size and strength along with my technique, release timing and power. Many things contribute to the perfect throwing style and I believe that technique and speed pose to be the most important of all.

The advice that I would give to anyone looking to increase their throwing distance would be gripping the disc with a tight, firm power grip along with developing a great technique that utilizes their strength and timing. I think that throwing is best learned from lots of throwing in the field and repetition of the technique that produces the best results. The technique of Distance throwing is not the easiest thing to explain in writing and is best shown on video or “How To” Disc Golf DVD’s.

One complete throwing tip that I would give someone to increase their distance would be to concentrate on their speed of the arm, reaching back in a straight line, pulling across your chest and always following through your shot.

Do you throw a hyzer flip on your long drives? How do you get the timing right doing that?

I think that you are asking if I throw flip-up hyzers for my long drives. I do not necessarily throw flip-up drives because of the inconsistency and unpredictability of the flight patterns compared to straighter angle shots. I throw more straight lines than anything when it comes to throwing drives and release angles, with very little disc angle movement during the flight. Meaning that I throw flat angle shots with intended hyzer, straight and anhyzer angles, not relying too much on the disc flipping up or flipping over on flight patterns during drives.

The timing is everything when throwing; it’s all about the split-second release that determines the power and accuracy of the drive. It is developed through years of experience and excessive amounts of time spent throwing in the field. It takes lots of repetitions to get down the timing and the overall feel of the disc to gain total control of its flight. So hit the practice fields if you really want to increase your distance and solidify your throwing technique. Practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect.

With you and Dave Feldberg being such good friends, does it make it hard when you are competing against each other so much? Or does it make it better?

It actually makes it better to have us competing against each other throughout the years, because we really step up our play on the course knowing that we can always do better. Over the years of competition we have always tried to play our best in all events and tried to reach the upper echelon, elite status together. We have always been there to support each other on/off the course and in Life in general. He has definitely set the standard for consistency that I tried my best to follow in route to many of my successes/accomplishes in Disc Golf. I in turn set the pace for Major International Wins by setting the stage by Winning the Japan Open in 2004 that he later won in 2008.

He did the same by winning his very first World Title in 2008 as well, and I was by his side to watch his victory, saying to him after I congratulated him during his win that “It looks like you got there first, now its my turn next.” And I did just that as he encouraged and supported me the entire week as I went on to Win my first World Title at the 2009 Disc Golf World Championships in Kansas City this past summer. We have been best friends for over a decade and have gained great respect for one another, as we continue to be two of the Best Disc Golfers in the World

I want to thank you again Avery, for taking the time to do this interview. I wish you all the best on having a great season in 2010, and I look forward to seeing you at the Minnesota majestic in June when you come to Minnesota.

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