The Off-Season

It has been long awaited, but its finally here. Its not like I wanted to season to end, but now that it has it is something to truly enjoy to the fullest. It is always good to give the body and mind a break from the world of Disc Golf. I have to tell you that it wears on me sometimes but it is not something that I am complaining about in anyway because I am fortunate enough to do what I do for a living, I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to throw discs for a current occupation. I have been very productive thus far this winter.

I traveled home for the holidays back to Ohio to get an opportunity to visit with family and friends, chances I don’t get to often during the tour season, so I make the most of it when I can. I also played a small C-tier up in Michigan 2 weeks before Christmas, being my last chance to crack the 20K mark for the 2007 season, I was $213 short going in. I took down a 2 stroke win in the snow and ice to barely top off my 2007 cash earnings at the $20,037. It was just a small goal of mine which I set at the beginning of the season and I had to stick to it. It also happen to be Geoff Bennett’s 49th sactioned tournament of the season (not to mention his countless other non-sactioned tournaments). I was calling the record-breaker tournament because he topped my single-season record of 47 tournaments and edged out the current record of 48 tournament held by Feldberg in 2002. It was quite a feat considering that Dave and I traveled 10 monthes straight and played every week except of maybe 3 weekends. But to also keep in mind that a majority of those tournaments were 2 days and Bennett had the opportunity to play a bunch of one-day events in Michigan throughout the summer. Still a congradulations is definitely in order. I actually wanted to see him play another one before the end of the season to make it an even 50 events.

I had an amazing Holidays at home, played a bunch of golf, met up with a bunch of friends that I have not seen in a while and probably ate too much of Mom’s home-cooking, but I have to get my fill when I get the opportunity to do so. I definitely did not get my yearly quota of snow that I wished for, it snowed really good for at least one Sunday which kept us inside watching football and movies all-day-long with the family. How I hoped for more snow, but none ever came until a few days after I left.

I returned back to Oregon for New Year’s Eve, which consisted of a huge block-party held in downtown Eugene with over 500 people. It was hosted by our friend that works at a local winery and a local brewery that joined up to throw an amazing New Year’s Bash. I just know that 2008 is going to be an amazing year.

So now that I am back in the Northwest for the winter I plan on preparing for this years touring season as it starts up in Las Vegas at the end of February. Right around the corner. So I have been planning out the touring schedule, contacting all the sponsors, arranging all the international plane flights and training harder then ever to preform to the best of my abilities this year. I have taken up a pretty intense running schedule with my roommate Jeff whom is training to run a half-marathon in the Spring, so we definitely tracking some miles. We run everyday to every other day, never going more then two days of rest. We started at 3.5 mile runs and have gradually lengthened the runs until we peak at around 10 or so miles. I will tell you this going to be very tough because I am definitely not a runner at my size, but I am going to give it my all. This 2008 season is my drive and motivation that pushs me during these longer runs, “its all going to pay off in the summer” is what I keep telling myself. I have also been working out with bench, free-weights and my newly acquired bowflex. I have been going none stop since the 1st of the year and don’t plan on letting up any time soon, at least not until the last two weeks of Febuary when I get back to throwing again. The key is to strengthen your body in order to throw, I don’t believe that just throwing on its own is quite enough for me at this point in the game. I want to become the best player that I can be and this is the way to do it. I am highly anticipating the start of this Disc Golf season, looking forward to good things to come.

I always appreciate all questions and comments. Wishing everyone the best in 2008.

-Avery Jenkins #7495-


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